Entry: Blogs away! Monday, November 10, 2003

Well, I thought I'd have a go at this blog thing. Not that I expect anyone to read it, I mean, how can one advertise these tiny little backwater websites? Anyway, let's give it a go.

I'm an electronics engineer by trade and training, and engineering topics are what I like to talk about - or rant about, if I'm being more honest. Often these rants/discussions need an outlet other than my long-suffering partner, though I have to say she is very patient with me. Hence those rants will often find their way here. They usually fall into one of two categories - good/bad design, and good/bad service. So expect lots of examples of those. The other purpose is to share ideas and thoughts about the various projects I work on, or have worked on in the past. This might be interesting to somebody, and if I ever get any readers, getting feedback will be helpful to me too.

Some basic info up front. I'm 41, educated as an electronics engineer and spent the first 12 or so years of my working life designing hardware. Then I migrated into software and spent the next 16 or so years designing and writing code. Mostly this has been on the Mac, with some other stuff thrown in too - embedded, DOS PC, but next to no Windoze. I've also always had an interest in all things mechanical, and have always done my own tinkering with cars. I owned and restored a classic 1974 droopsnoot Firenza - something of a love/hate relationship with design that one! I'm also a small-time pilot, having gained my PPL in 1999, flying 172s for fun. Last year (2002) I emigrated from England to Australia, living in the country, so lots of scope for all sorts of interesting projects here - solar and wind power pencilled in among them.

I hope you'll find this interesting! --Graham


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March 17, 2004   02:53 AM PST
By the way, I write for farmers about keeping machinery working, and they rant at me about the incresing use of electronics in farm equipment, and how it goes wrong without warning, and costs an arm to put right, mainly because no body knows how to do it other than find a replcaement box. Farmers like things which don;t go wrong, and also things which can be repaired in teh workshop in an evening so it's going the next day.

If, just supposing , you had asome electronic blogs for farmers, I would be really pleased to see them. Farm Ideas is a blog type of magazine, which has no editorial budget at all apart from my tuna and cucumber, but it is fun, and also useful, as you can see form the website.

Cheers Mike

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